Continental molluscs of Russia

On-line catalogue of continental (fresh-, brackish-water and terrestrial) molluscs of Russia and adjacent territories

Compiled by Yu.I.Kantor, M.V.Vinarski, A.A.Schileyko, A.V.Sysoev

Version 2.3.1 (March 2, 2010)

The second version of the on-line catalogue is significantly corrected and updated. All Caspian molluscs are included. All the alterations to the previous version (version 2.2) are marked in blue. Catalogue contains at the moment 2065 species and subspecies of terrestrial and aquatic molluscs from the territory of the former USSR.

Please send your commentaries and corrections to Yuri Kantor ( The catalogue will be updated permanently.

Open "Catalogue" version 1.0 (February 15, 2009) [PDF]

Open "Catalogue" version 2.3.1 (March 2, 2010[PDF]

Open "Bibliography" (updated version) [PDF]

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