Joint publication of VNIRO and Ruthenica (2008)

Bizikov V.A. 2008. Evolution of the shell in Cephalopoda. Moscow: VNIRO Publishing.  444 pp., 213 illustration


The book is published in Russian with extended resume of every chapter in English and bi-lingual figure captions. This book contains analysis of functional and comparative morphology of the shell and its relationship with the musculature in all major groups of recent cephalopod mollusks down to superfamily level, at different ontogenetic stages. For the first time homologies of the shell and classification of the shell are proposed for recent groups of Coleoidea, basing on new morpho-functional criteria. Phylogenetic analysis of recent and fossil groups of Coleoidea has been carried, basing on their shell structure. This analysis showed polyphyly of the recent squids currently united within order Teuthida; it showed that the squids are not a systematic group, but a life form. A new system of Coleoidea is proposed. The main applied aspect of this investigation is the possibility to use the shell in the studies of population structure, growth and age of cephalopods. This monograph is intended for zoologists, hydrobiologists and students studying comparative morphology and paleontology of invertebrates.

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