Supplement 1 (1993)

Egorov R. Trophoninae (Muricidae) of Russian and adjacent waters. March 1993, 48 pp.

The present work aims to provide the faunistic and taxonomic review of marine molluscs of the subfamily Trophoninae (Muricidae) from the seas of Russia and adjacent waters. A total of about 1.500 samples and about 4.500 specimens were studied.

As a result, it appeared that the fauna of Trophoninae of Russia and adjacent waters consists of 46 species, which belong to 5 genera.

The study of the Trophoninae shell morphology allowed to specify the generic position of the species. The species composition of the Trophoninae in the North-East Pacific was also revised. A new genus (Abyssotrophon gen. nov.), nine new species (Boreotrophon trophonis sp. nov., B. pagodus sp. nov., Abyssotrophon ivanovi sp. nov., A. ruthenicus sp. nov., A. teratus sp. nov.,. A. christae  sp. nov.,. A. unicus sp. nov., A. longisiphon sp. nov., A. tricostatus sp. nov.) and two new subspecies (Boreotrophon alaskanus okhotensis ssp. nov., Trophonopsis acharya rossica ssp. nov.)  are described; one subspecies is regarded as having the specific rank (Trophonopsis emphaticus Habe et lto, 1965).