Established in 1986, specializes in books - new as well as old - on recent and fossil Mollusca and other marine invertebrates. Online-shop has a huge stock of 13,530 titles on Mollusca. See Conchbooks

The Nautilus

The Nautilus is a peer-reviewed journal See The Nautilus

Russian Far-East Malacological Society

Russian Far-East Malacological Society/Дальневосточное малакологическое общество See Russian Far-East Malacological Society

Conchology, Inc.

One of the largest World site dedicated to shells and shell collecting. See Conchology, Inc.

Antarctic Invertebrates

The site dedicated to the invertebrates of Antarctica, including molluscs. The site is based on the collections of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, USA See Antarctic Invertebrates


MalaCo (ISSN 1778-3941), a peer reviewed journal referenced by the Zoological Record, is an electronical open access publication. Articles, in French or English, focus on ecology, biology, systematics and conservation of continental Molluscs. MalaCo publishes original work as well as news, short notes and practical tools for species identification. See MalaCo