Vol. 24(1-2)

 Kramarenko S. S. Active and passive dispersal of terrestrial mollusks: a review [In Russian]. 24(1): 1-14 [PDF]

Lazutkina E.A., Andreeva S.I., Andreev N.I. Mollusks of the genus Digyrcidum Locard, 1882 ­(Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia) in the waterbodies of Western Siberia and Urals [In Russian]. 24(1): 15-23 [PDF]

Balashov I., Gural-Sverlova N. Was there Oxychilus diaphanellus outside Crimea? On the variability of synanthropic Oxychilus translucidus in Ukraine (Stylommatophora, Zonitidae). 24(1): 25-29 [PDF]

Ajesh K., Sreejith K. Disease of the shells of Indian apple snails (Ampullariidae: Pila globosa). 24(1): 31-33 [PDF]

Vinarski M.V. Lymnaea likharevi Lazareva, 1967 is a junior synonym of Lymnaea saridalensis Mozley, 1934 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Lymnaeidae). 24(1): 35-44 [PDF – high resolution, 8.4 Mb, standard resolution, 2.9 Mb]

Palatov D. M., Vinarski M. V. New data on the freshwater malacofauna of the central part of European Russia and distribution of some species of mollusks [In Russian]. 24(1): 45-63 [PDF – high resolution, 19.7 Mb, standard resolution,6.8 Mb]

Sirenko B. New findings of minute chiton of the genus Leptochiton(Mollusca, Polyplacophora) in Vietnamese waters. 24 (2): 65-73 [PDF]

Nekhaev I. O. Marine shell-bearing Gastropoda of Murman (Barents Sea):
an annotated check-list. 24 (2): 75-121 [High resolution 
PDF 17 Mb, low resolution PDF 6.7 Mb]

 Shepeleva I.P. A comparative analysis of the camera eyes of gastropod pulmonate mollusk Trochulus hispidus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the South Sweden and Kaliningrad Region (Stylommatophora, Hygromiidae). 24 (2): 123-127 [In Russian]. [PDF]

Kosyan A.R., Kantor Y.I. Revision of the genus Retifusus Dall, 1916 (Gastropoda: Buccinidae). 24 (2):  129-172 [High resolution PDF 50 Mb, low resolution PDF 19 Mb]

Schileyko A.A. On the morphology of copulative apparatus of some Ariantinae (Pulmonata Helicidae). 24 (2): 173-187 [PDF]