Vol. 26 (2016)

Vol. 26(1)


Vinarski M.V. 2016. Eduard von Martens’s contribution to the knowledge of the Russian continental malacofauna (with examination of type materials of aquatic species accepted by Russian taxonomists). 26(1): 1-16 [PDF]

 Gural-Sverlova N. V., Gural R. I. 2016. New findings of the slugs Arion distinctus and Arion circumscriptus (Arionidae) in the territory of Ukraine. 26(1): 17-23. [In Russian] [PDF]

 Schikov E.V., Nekhaev I.O. 2016. Oxyloma sarsii tulomica subsp. nov. (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Succineidae) from the Kola Peninsula. 26(1): 25-34. [PDF]

 Manakov D.V. 2016. The data on the freshwater gastropod fauna in the Vishtynets (Vistytis) upland (Kaliningrad region, Russia). 26(1): 35-43. [In Russian] [PDF]

 Schileyko A.A. 2016. Additions to the malacofauna of Vietnam: genera Parmarion and Meghimatium (Pulmonata, Stylommatophora). 26(1): 45-48. [In Russian] [PDF]

 Chaban E.M. 2016. New genus of opisthobranch molluscs Antarctophiline gen. nov. (Cephalaspidea: Philinoidea) from the Cooperation Sea, Antarctica. 26(1): 49-56. [PDF]

Vol. 26(2)

Sirenko B., Sigwart J., Dell’Angelo B. Hanleya hanleyi (Bean in Thorpe, 1844) (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) and the influence of the Gulf Stream System on its distribution. 26(2): 57-70. [PDF]

Lutaenko K. A. Species validity of Astarte inaequilatera (Filatova in Scarlato, 1981) and comments on the Astartidae (Bivalvia) of the Russian Far Eastern seas. 26(2): 71-83. [In Russian] [PDF - standard resolution 3Mb, high resolution 9 Mb]

Kosyan A.R., Kantor Yu.I. Revision of the genus Retimohnia McLean, 1995 (Gastropoda: Buccinidae). 26(2): 85-121 [PDF - standard resolution 15Mb, high resolution 45Mb]

Kantor Yu.I., Fedosov A.E., Puillandre N., Bouchet P. Integrative taxonomy approach to Indo-Pacific Olividae: new species revealed by molecular and morphological data. 26(2): 123-144. [PDF - standard resolution 6Mb, high resolution 18 Mb]

Vol. 26 (3-4)


Sirenko B. A new South African Leptochiton (Mollusca: Polyplacophora: Lepidopleurida). 26(3-4): 145-151. [PDF]

Schikov E. V. Adventive species of terrestrial malacofauna in the central portion of the Russian plain. 26(3-4): 153-164. [In Russian] [PDF]

Ademolu K.O., Fantola F.O.; Bamidele J.A., Dedeke G.A., Idowu A.B. Formation and composition of epiphragm in three giant African land snails (Archachatina marginata, Achatina fulica and Achatina achatina). 26(3-4): 165-169. [PDF]

Vargovitsh R.S., V.V. Anistratenko V.V. Pisidium zoctanum Poli, 1876” (Mollusca, Bivalvia) – a ghost-taxon from the Crimean Karani-Koba Cave. 26(3-4): 171-174. [PDF]

Sychev A.V., Snegin E.A. To the problem of systematics of the genus Helicopsis (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Hygromiidae) from Eastern Europe. 26(3-4): 175-189. [In Russian] [PDF]

Andreev N.I., Andreeva S.I., Babushkin E.S. The fauna and distribution of bivalves (Bivalvia) of the Malyi Yugan river basin (Middle Ob Region). 26(3-4): 191-201. [In Russian] [PDF]